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The Story of One Man

Every one of us, man, woman, child, young or old has a personality. A personality that other people define us by, a personality that stands out, or one that blends in with the crowd, either way, we do have the different personalities that make us unique. 

The man behind the screen is one of the most popular figures we know in Nigeria and beyond but he is mostly defined by the personality of the media. In honour of his birthday celebration and achievements we would be defining Mr. Kunle Afolayan in our own way with just a few phrases.


Born Optimist 😇

Flowing through the veins of Mr. Afolayan is the blood of positivity. If there is one very special thing about him, it is his ability to maintain a positive spirit regardless of any situation, and honestly, that has got to be his superpower because he spreads it wide and near. 

A Culture Vulture 😍

It is no secret that Mr. Afolayan breathes culture through his lungs, he lives for culture. He is a sucker for art, theatre music, and anything that depicts cultural essence.

An Eager Beaver 😎

Work is no threat to Mr. Afolayan. He works hard to get work done in the most precise way. We can almost say that one of his exciting moments is when there is work to be done especially filmmaking. 

Down to Earth 😃

Mr. Afolayan is practical, sensible, and a realist. He is a fun boss, a fashion enthusiast and a wonderful being.

Written by Taiwo Afolayan

Taiwo is a multinational award-winning Art & IT Consultant and a Certified Management Consultant. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Fashionistar Africa, Founder of Argitech Limited, and an SDGs Advocate. He has over 10 years of experience in journalism, digital artistry, analytics, and photography. He enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and cycling.

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